17140Bringing out the dead copy


Year 2020
Runtime 110 mins
Language English
Alberta Premiere
  • Online & In-Cinema
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It is 1665, and the plague sweeps across England leaving panic and desperation in its wake. The righteous Judge Moorcroft scourers the land for the witches to blame and finds Grace's mother, Jane. Caught between confessing to a crime she is not guilty of or seeing her daughter suffer the town’s condemnation, Jane chooses to lie and pay the ultimate sacrifice.

Twenty years later, the plague is back and so is Judge Moorcroft, and now it is Grace’s turn, newly a mother herself, to choose between truth and family. Her determination is strong, but her body and mind are fragile, and it all begins to unravel as starvation and dehydration bring the judge’s relentless accusations of devilry to life.

It's the latest film from multiple award-winning writer/director, Neil Marshall (GAME OF THRONES, WESTWORLD). This marks a dramatic return to the horror genre in which he first made his name with the cult classics DOG SOLDIERS and THE DESCENT. The film was recently screened at Fantasia International Film Festival's Opening Night.


United Kingdom
Fantasia Film Festival 2020
Neil Marshall
Executive Producer
Charlotte Kirk, Neil Marshall, Jamie McLeod-Ross, Charles McDougal
Daniel-Konrad Cooper, Michael Marks, Steffen Wild, Esther Turan
Edward Evers-Swindell, Neil Marshall, Charlotte Kirk
Luke Bryant
Neil Marshall
Christopher Drake
Joe Anderson, Charlotte Kirk, Sean Pertwee, Steven Waddington