15872LUXOR 2
Official Selection


Year 2020
Runtime 85 mins
Language English
Canadian Premiere
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Hana, a British aid worker, has just finished a stint as a surgeon at a clinic on the Syrian border. She is exhausted after her post, the struggle between life and death that she saw on a daily basis has taken its toll. Instead of returning home, she travels to the ancient city of Luxor, where she runs into Sultan, a talented archeologist, and former lover.

As she wanders quietly, often alone, she is haunted by the familiar place and struggles to reconcile the choices of the past with the uncertainty of the present. The ancient city of Luxor plays a starring role as the film explores dig sites, archeological ruins, and old-fashioned hotels.

Sundance Film Festival 2020
Zeina Durra
Executive Producer
Paul Webster
Mohamed Hefzy, Daniel Ziskind, Gianluca Chakra, Paul Webster, Madmouh Saba
Zeina Durra
Zelmira Gainza
Andrea Chignoli
Nascuy Linares
Andrea Riseborough, Karim Saleh, Shereen Reda, Michael Landes