175871 President George W Bush with the Grade 2 Class of Booker Elementary School on September 11 2001

9/11 KIDS

Year 2019
Runtime 88 mins
Language English
  • Online Only
In Sarasota, Florida, one of the most memorable moments of 9/11 is captured on camera: President Bush is reading to a group of elementary students when he learns of a major attack on the country. Sitting in front of the President were sixteen school children from Emma E. Booker Elementary. They were chosen because they were the best readers in their school and the perfect place for Bush to promote his education program, No Child Left Behind.

While members of the press and Bush’s advisors stand nearby waiting nervously. The kids keep reading; their voices are strong and full of hope. These are the final moments of innocence, right before the storm.

What happened to those kids? The directors of 9/11 KIDS track them down to find out what they remember, what’s happened since, and their dreams for the future. They witnessed the moment a new American reality was born. This film is about the 9/11 Generation and the American Dream, providing a window into some of the most vital themes of the American experience.


Hot Docs Film Festival 2020
Elizabeth St. Philip
Executive Producer
Michael Kot, Betty Orr, Steve Gamester
Steve Gamester, Elizabeth St. Philip
Elizabeth St. Philip
Chris Romeike
Greg West