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Year 2000
Runtime 87 mins
Language English
Subtitles English Subtitles

A group of young employees bet a month's salary, winner takes all, on who can last the longest without going outside.

To celebrate WAYDOWNTOWN being the first film to ever play the Festival, a special screening will take place almost twenty years to the day of its 2000 premiere on Thursday, September 19, 2019 at 7pm at the Globe Cinema. The film will be shown in 35mm - how it was originally intended to be enjoyed! In attendance at the special event will be the films Director and local Calgarian Gary Burns, Producer George Baptist, the films Production Designer and Actor Donna Brunsdale and Cinematographer Patrick McLaughlin.

The uniquely Calgary world of interconnected office buildings, apartment complexes and food courts (Plus + 15’s) is the backdrop for WAYDOWNTOWN, where young office workers Tom, Sandra, Randy and Curt, have all staked a month's salary on a bet to see who can stay indoors the longest. It's lunch hour on day 24 of the wager and everyone's pretty much reached their breaking point.

This darkly comedic cult classic from local Director Gary Burns (KITCHEN PARTY, RADIANT CITY) was the first Opening Gala of the inaugural Calgary International Film Festival, in 2000.

Director Gary Burns, Actor Don McKellar, and several more Cast & Crew are in attendance for the Sep. 19 screening; Q&A to follow.


Toronto International Film Festival, Calgary International Film Festival
Gary Burns
Executive Producer
Bryan Gliserman, Marguerite Pigott
Gary Burns, Shirley Vercruysse, George Baptist
Gary Burns, James Martin
Patrick McLaughlin
Jack Lemmon
John Abram
Fabrizio Filippo, Don McKellar, Marya Delver, Gordon Currie