12417TOXIC BEAUTY banner


Year 2019
Runtime 90 mins
Language English

Cancer, diabetes, developmental delays and more—the cosmetics industry's ugly secrets are exposed by scientists, whistleblowers and consumer survivors who question the cost of beauty.

The rapid growth of the multi-billion dollar beauty product industry has come at a lethal cost. Despite growing public protest, companies persist in their dangerous practices that have forced consumers to scramble to find a brand they can trust. Although the corruption is widespread, TOXIC BEAUTY aims its focus on a landmark class action lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson. Female cancer survivors share their testimony, disclosing the damages they suffered from baby talc products, despite the accused’s insistence their products are completely safe. Whistleblowers, lawyers, and scientists share the naked truth about an industry that has lacked proper regulation and the price the public has paid. The film’s most shocking case is that of Mymy, a young medical student who’s beauty regimen includes more than 27 mainstream over the counter products. Undergoing testing before and after switching to clean beauty products, the results are astounding.

This call to action is a riveting investigation that will have audiences rethinking every product that sits on their vanities and hopefully reverse one of the biggest biological disasters of our time.


Calgary International Film Festival - DGC Best Canadian Documentary Award
Hot Docs, DOXA
Phyllis Ellis
Executive Producer
Steve Ord, Leo Staurulakis, Cheryl Staurulakis, Peter Raymont
Barri Cohen, Stephen Paniccia
Iris Ng
James Yate
Rob Carli