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Year 2019
Runtime 87 mins
Language English, French, Arabic
Subtitles English Subtitles
North American Premiere

Samir’s dream to take part in a prestigious DJ championship in Brussels is shattered to pieces when his flight is redirected to Luxembourg.

Skaarab, a DJ from Cairo, is invited to play in Brussels; the gig of a lifetime. Just as a revolution breaks out in Egypt, he jumps on a plane and lands in a country he's never heard of before: the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. It all goes awry when he loses his passport and is mistaken for a refugee, forcing him to navigate an absurd tangle of eccentric characters and events. The colourful film shows DJ Skaarab’s adventures and new encounters on the way to recover his identity.

Adolf El Assal’s super fun, quirky sophomore film is full of high energy and fast pacing as well as fantastic music composition by Hip Hop producer Eric “Cehashi” Bintz

Adolf El Assal
Adolf El Assal, Alexandra Hoesdorff, Désirée Nosbusch
Adolf El Assal, Dennis Foon, Sirvan Marogy
Nikos Welter
Philippe Ravoet
Eric “Cehashi” Bintz
Stéphane Bissot, Jean-Luc Couchard, Eric Kabongo, Karim Kassem