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Year 2019
Runtime 81 mins
Language Hebrew
Subtitles English Subtitles
Alberta Premiere

Struggling with post-retirement life, 68-year-old Meir goes out on a personal journey to reconstruct his shaken sense of meaning and vitality.

When retired 68 year-old Meir discovers that his 30 years of planning the annual village celebration have been summarily discarded and the job has been given to inexperienced local teens instead, the ground beneath his feet begins to give way. In his effort to restore a sense of meaning and vitality, Meir begins to rebel against the inevitable: the betrayal of his physical body, the growing distance from his children, and the loss of relevance. Reconstructing fiction from real life, AFRICA is the cinematic journey of an ageing parent crafted by the hands of his loving son, in this deeply personal story on reinventing oneself, as years go by.

Oren Gerner’s first feature AFRICA is a truly beautiful, raw film, filmed with a high degree of realism based on his parents (who play themselves on screen) and especially his father, who struggles to adapt to post-retirement life with mixed results.


Toronto International Film Festival, San Sebastian International Film Festival
Oren Gerner
Itay Akirav
Oren Gerner
Adi Mozes
Gil Vesely
Michael Stoliar
Meir Gerner, Maya Gerner, Oren Gerner, Gilad Erel