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Year 2019
Runtime 96 mins
Language English
Alberta Premiere

Adam spends the summer in his sister's NYC lesbian & trans scene, encountering love, friendship and hard truths in this provocative coming-of-age comedy from Rhys Ernst - winner of the Grand Jury Award for Best Direction at LA Outfest.

2006. Summer. Awkward, self-conscious Adam Freeman (a wonderfully endearing Nicholas Alexander) has just finished his junior year of high school. When his cool older sister Casey (Margaret Qualley) suggests he visit her in New York for the summer, Adam has visions of meeting a girl and finally gaining some actual life experience. But this fantasy doesn’t materialize exactly as expected. Casey has enthusiastically embraced life amidst Brooklyn’s young LGBTQ community and invites Adam to tag along with her to queer bars, marriage equality rallies and other happenings. When Adam falls at first sight for Gillian (Bobbi Salvör Menuez), a smart, beautiful young woman he's met as part of this hip new crowd, she mistakenly assumes he is trans. Flummoxed and enamored, he haplessly goes along with her assumption, resulting in an increasingly complex comedy – and tragedy - of errors he’s ill-equipped to navigate.

First time feature filmmaker Rhys Ernst has navigated the tricky source material of Ariel Schrag's book (upon which the screenplay, also written by Schrag, is based), and we're treated to a sweet and funny coming of age comedy that doesn't shy away from asking some big questions about gender and sexuality while making audiences squirm a little. Featuring a predominately LGBTQ2+ cast, ADAM is an ambitious and crowd-pleasing debut feature that's guaranteed to spark some intense post-screening conversations.


United States
Sundance Film Festival
Rhys Ernst
Howard Gertler, James Schamus
Ariel Schrag
Shawn Peters
Joe Murphy
Jay Wadley
Nicholas Alexander, Bobbi Salvor Menuez, Leo Sheng, Ana Gasteyer