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What They Had

Year 2018
Runtime 101 mins
Language English

Bridget (Hilary Swank) returns home at her brother's (Michael Shannon) urging, to deal with an ailing mother (Blythe Danner), and a father (Robert Forster) who is more than a little reluctant to let go of their life together, in writer/director Elizabeth Chomko's wonderfully nuanced - and surprisingly funny - new drama.

Led by a quartet of powerful performances. WHAT THEY HAD takes a subject matter that's become more and more relevant to our rapidly-aging population, and allows its characters to experience and talk about it in real and relatable ways. And while emotions may run raw and tempers may flare, at the heart and soul of this film is what binds us all - the intense and unconditional love we have for our family.

Written by: Guy Lavallee

Presented by Imperial


United States
Elizabeth Chomko
Executive Producer
Dean BuchananShafin DiamondWayne Marc GodfreyDavid Grace, Robert Jones, Mike Rowe, Michael Shannon, Levi Sheck, Hilary Swank, Byron Wetzel
Albert Berger, Sefton Fincham, Bill Holderman, Tyler Jackson, Keith KjarvalAlex Saks, Ron Yerxa
Elizabeth Chomko
Roberto Schaefer
Tom McArdle
Danny Mulhern
Michael Shannon, Hilary Swank, Blythe Danner, Taissa Farmiga, Josh Lucas