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Island of Hungry Ghosts

Year 2018
Runtime 94 mins
Language English/French/Farsi/Mandarin
Subtitles English

On a remote tropical island, forty-million crabs migrate through a dense jungle and rocky shores to the freedom of the sea.

Christmas Island is also a temporary home to refugees seeking passage to Australia but confined to a high security detention centre deep in the jungle.

With a brilliant score, lush cinematography and keen attention to detail, this award-winning documentary focuses on the detention centre’s trauma counselor as she and her young family navigate local mythologies that surround them.

This haunting, poetic observation of the human condition and our natural world is one of the year’s most stunning directorial debuts.

Written by Alexander Rogalski

Visions du Réel


Winner of Special Mentiona at the Edinburgh International Film Festival

Best Documentary Feature, Tribeca Film Festival

Best Documentary Film, Valletta Film Festival

Buyens-Chagoll Award, Visions du Réel

Gabrielle Brady
Executive Producer
Lizzie Francke, Sarah Perks
Alexander Wadouh, Samm Haillay, Alex Kelly, Gizem Acarla, Gabrielle Brady
Gabrielle Brady
Michael Latham
Katharina Fiedler
Aaron Cupples