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Film School Africa

Year 2018
Runtime 89 mins
Language English

Director Nathan Pfaff, and subjects Katie Taylor and Marie Midcalf will be in attendance for a post-screening Q&A on September 24.

Nathan Pfaff’s powerful and heartwarming feature directorial debut follows Katie Taylor, a Los Angeles casting director, as she teaches filmmaking to youth in an impoverished South African community. Although Katie's original intention was to equip youth for employment opportunities, she quickly discovers the therapeutic impact on her students as they process life events through their films.

Despite the community's resistance towards art and film, the school expands to a second community, and adds an additional college level program. With roots in a wide range of social backgrounds, the students bridge racial and cultural barriers as they become united through filmmaking.

Written by Brenda Lieberman

PG – Mature Subject Matter

Presented by Telus, Rosza, Calgary Foundation and City of Calgary

Nathan Pfaff
Nathan Pfaff
Nathan Pfaff