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World Cinema

Djon Africa

Year 2018
Runtime 95 mins
Language Portuguese/Cape Verde Creole
Subtitles English

Miguel Moreira’s laid-back Portuguese life takes a turn when someone tells him he looks like his father. Miguel doesn’t know anything about his father or his roots. When his grandmother reveals that his father was banished to Cape Verde, Miguel makes a quick decision to visit Cape Verde and track down his father. With minimal information and money, Miguel’s charm ensures no door in Cape Verde is closed for him. As he goes deeper into the island, fuelled by the national drink grogue, reality and dreams slowly blend resulting in a life-changing journey.

Co-written by Pedro Pinho (THE NOTHING FACTORY), DJON AFRICA is a playful film that highlights the picturesque landscape of Cape Verde and raises relevant questions about identity for those whose lives are caught between two nations.

Written by Sachin Gandhi

Rotterdam International Film Festival

New Directors/New Films (New York)

Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema


Community Partner: U of C Film Society


Filipa Reis, João Miller Guerra
Pedro Pinho, Rachel Ellis (co-producer), Samira Pereira (co-producer), Filipa Reis (co-producer)
Pedro Pinho, João Miller Guerra
Vasco Viana
Eduardo Serrano, Ricardo Pretti, Luisa Homem
Miguel Moreira, Isabel Muñoz Cardoso, Patricia Soso, Bitori Nha Bibinha