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Dead Women Walking

Year 2018
Runtime 101 mins
Language English

Ten vignettes, each detailing a woman's inevitable march to Death Row, each one taking place closer to the moment of finality, director Hagar Ben-Asher's powerful and devastating film chronicles the final moments of 10 desperate women, with increasingly gut-wrenching results.

This is NOT a documentary...but the stories presented in this film could be the shared stories of any number of women currently in the prison system - particularly women of colour, women of poverty, and women who have lived most of their lives as victims themselves.

A timely and provocative look at our fractured humanity, DEAD WOMEN WALKING is an unforgettable film, sure to provoke debate and discourse, long after the lights come up.

written by Guy Lavallee


Venice Days

Deauville American Film Festival

Presented by Scott Venturo Rudakoff Lawyers


United States
Hagar Ben-Asher
Executive Producer
Clara Levy, Lorne Hiltser, David Gitlis, Phillipe Haim
Lorne Hiltser, Michael M. McGuire
Hagar Ben-Asher
David Stragmeister
Nimrod Goldstein, Guy Nemesh, Ron Omer
Emir Isilay
June Carryl, Ben Zelevansky, Joy Nash, Jeryl Prescott, Maya Lynne Robinson