Circle of Steel

Circle of Steel

Year 2018
Runtime 85 mins
Language English

Winner of 2018 Audience Favourite, Alberta Feature

Director Gillian McKercher, producers Guillaume Carlier and Robyn Ho, and actor Chantelle Han will be in attendance for a post-screening Q&A on September 25 and 30.

CIRCLE OF STEEL is a satirical and sympathetic portrait of life in the Oil and Gas field, through the eyes of a young new engineer Wendy Fong (Chantelle Han). Wendy is unsure of the future she worked so hard for, and as rumours of layoffs circulate in her small, isolated team, her monotonous routine crumbles. Long days and nights in the field begin to take their toll. With support - and often-questionable guidance - from her coworkers, Wendy must navigate personal ethics and corporate interest.

Calgary-based first-time feature filmmaker Gillian McKercher is a strong emerging voice, who has crafted a very candid (and very familiar) story with an excellent original Albertan soundtrack.

Presented by the Calgary Film Centre


Gillian McKercher
Executive Producer
Gary Burns, Avi Federgreen
Guillaume Carlier, Robyn Ho, Gillian McKercher
Gillian McKercher
Grant Cooper
Erin St.Clair, Gillian McKercher
Rebecca Bruton, Katie Streibel
Chantelle Han, Duncan Ollerenshaw, Tina Lameman, Andréa Perry, Peter Skagen