Bad Reputation (Joan Jett Doc)

Year 2017
Runtime 92 mins
Language English

In the 70's, music industry suits would be quick to tell you that girls can't rock! In fact, they thumbed their noses at artists like Joan Jett time and time again, telling them they'd never make it in the testosterone-driven world of rock. And at a time when the airwaves were dominated by male rock vocalists, it would have been easy for Joan to give up....but that wouldn't be a very Joan Jett thing to do now, would it?

BAD REPUTATION is a raucous journey through Jett's groundbreaking career, from her early years as founder of The Runaways, her first collaborations with Kenny Laguna, and ultimately, to her status as true rock n' roll icon. The theme here is clear: even though people tried to define Joan Jett by their preconceived notions of what they thought a woman in rock could or couldn't do, she never compromised, inspiring a generation of young female musicians along the way.

Written by Guy Lavallee

Presented by CKUA Radio

Community Partners are Femme Wave Music and Arts Festival + Calgary Girls Rock Camp


United States
Kevin Kerslake
Executive Producer
Dan Braun, Kathy Rivkan Daum, Justus Haerder
Peter Afterman, Carianne Brinkman
Joel Marcus
Kevin Kerslake, Greg Olliver
Joel Marcus