Worst Case, We Get Married

(Et Au Pire On Se Mariera)

Year 2017
Runtime 90 mins
Language French
Subtitles English

Aïcha skips school, lies, and keeps company with local prostitutes until she meets Baz, a man twice her age, whom she will do virtually anything to impress.

Aïcha is 14 years old. As a child she was doted upon by her Algerian stepfather - whom she adored - but as a teen she lives with her single mother, Isabelle, whom she blames for all of life’s problems. She lies, she cheats, she manipulates and she keeps company with local prostitutes, until she meets Baz, a man twice her age, and she feels that it can only be love at first sight.

To Baz, Aïcha is a lost girl in need of guidance. To Aïcha, Baz is the father, lover and friend she has been waiting for and will do anything to impress and attain. ET AU PIRE, ON SE MARIERA is a story of forbidden love and the violent passion of a first infatuation, from award-winning director Léa Pool (PINK RIBBONS, INC., LOST AND DELIRIOUS).


Québec City Film Festival, Vancouver International Film Festival
Léa Pool