The Worker's Cup

Year 2017
Runtime 92 mins
Language English / Nepalese / Malayalam / Arabic
Subtitles English

24 teams, drawn from the 1.6 million migrant workers building FIFA stadiums, compete for the unsung glory of the "Worker's Cup".

In 2022, Qatar will host the FIFA World Cup, arguably the biggest sporting event in the world. But far from the roaring crowds, 24 teams drawn from the 1.6 million migrant workers constructing the many stadiums compete for glory and the thrill of winning the "Worker's Cup".

In his debut feature, filmmaker Adam Sobel acquires unprecedented access to a handful of the thousands of labourers lured to work and eventually compete in a soccer tournament of their own. More than a film about a game, THE WORKER'S CUP is an examination of the poorest residents in the world's richest country. As they work to provide for family back home, these vulnerable migrant workers endure backbreaking work for low pay and agree to strict contracts under false pretenses. With the illusion they might play (real) soccer dangled in front of them, hope and the love of the game keeps them going, despite their desperate and heartbreaking circumstances.


United Kingdom
Hot Docs, Sundance, CPH : DOX
Adam Sobel
Executive Producer
Dennis Paul, Paul Miller
Rosie Garthwaite, Ramzy Haddad
Joe Saade, Nazim Aggoune
Lauren Wellbrock, Anne Jünemann, Adam Sobel
Nathan Halpern