women WEB

Women Behind The Lens

Year 2017
Runtime 60 mins

We heard about Jessica Chastain's comment in Cannes, Ava DuVernay's nomination as the first African-American female director at the Academy Awards, and felt the resonance of Patricia Arquette's call for pay equity.

Women in the industry are in the news but still underrepresented in key roles on most productions. This year at the Calgary International Film Festival, we are incredibly proud to put together this phenomenal panel of women who are kicking butt and taking names as they pursue their careers. If you've ever wanted to be a woman in the director's chair, behind the camera, or in the writers' room, this is the panel for you.

Emily Andras - Showrunner, Writer & Executive Producer, WYNONNA EARP
Simone Smith - Editor, SUCK IT UP
Sandi Somers - Director, ICE BLUE
Sarah Thomas Moffat - Director of Photography, FAKE BLOOD
Erin Carter - Actor/Producer, SUCK IT UP
Prisca Bouchet - Director/Cinematographer, AFTER LIFE


Amy Darling – Local producer, including past projects VIOLENT and EMPYREAN

This is a free event, no ticket required.