PACmen 1


Year 2016
Runtime 85 mins
Language English

PACMEN follows the failed presidential run of Ben Carson, showing us the people who placed their hopes for America on his shoulders.

By placing their hopes in the leadership and integrity of Ben Carson, many thought they had a shot at saving America. PACMEN, a timely political piece, follows the varied team of people in this failed mission, from the rich super-donors to the zealous volunteers committed to his cause. It reveals a complicated system that couldn't be more American: we see the powerful men in their plush offices who convince Carson to run, the stacks of swag given away to promote a name and fervent debate-night prayer meetings, and ultimately, the collapse of his campaign in the lead up one of the most divisive election cycles in history.

At one point polling ahead of Donald Trump for the Republican nomination, Carson made international headlines for his political gaffes and views – including mispronouncing Hamas as hummus, his belief that Joseph built Egypt’s pyramids, claiming that China is involved in the Syrian conflict, and advocating that kindergarten teachers should be armed with guns. PACMEN is written, produced and directed by British/Australian filmmaker Luke Walker, who is enough of an outsider to cast an unflinching eye at the machinations of the American political system and illustrates how different it is from other democracies around the world.


United States
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Director Luke Walker
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