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November Doc Soup: BENDING THE ARC

Year 2017
Runtime 102 mins
Language English

Three decades ago, a group of activists and doctors set out to bring healthcare to everyone in the world. This is the story of their ongoing crusade and its effect on millions of people.

Thirty years ago, a group of improbable heroes came together on a mission that was both medical and moral - and, by everyone’s estimation other than their own, highly unlikely to succeed. Their goal was simple but daring: to make high-quality healthcare available to everyone, even in the world’s poorest countries. Fighting entrenched diseases, political and bureaucratic machinery, and the charity-industrial complex itself, these crusaders forced the international community to embrace the idea that healthcare must be a basic human right in every society, and went ahead to provide it. In doing so, they have changed the lives of millions of people across the globe.

Told through interviews, rare archival material and on-the-ground contemporary footage featuring Dr. Paul Farmer (legendary founder of Partners In Health), Dr. Jim Yong Kim (the maverick president of the World Bank), and Dr. Agnes Binagwaho (controversial Health Minister of Rwanda), the film is an emotionally charged, dramatic and inspiring journey with these brilliant and headstrong heroes.

BENDING THE ARC is the first film in the 2017-18 Doc Soup Series co-presented by Hot Docs.


United States
Audience Award - Documentary Feature, Berkshire International Film Festival 2017
Berkshire International Film Festival 2017, Miami Film Festival 2017, Sundance 2017
Kief Davidson, Pedro Kos
Executive Producer
Ben Affleck, Diana Barrett, Matt Damon, Dan Cogan
Kief Davidson, Cori Shepherd Stern
Cori Shepherd Stern
Joshua Dreyfus, Nick Higgins, Guy Mossman, David Murdock
Yuki Aizawa, Pedro Kos
Matthew Atticus Berger, H. Scott Salinas
Paul Farmer, Ophelia Dahl, Jim Yong Kim