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Nobody's Watching

(Nadie Nos Mira)

Year 2017
Runtime 102 mins
Language Spanish / English
Subtitles English
Canadian Premiere

An Argentine actor’s failure to establish himself in New York City mirrors the struggle of many immigrants who stumble in their new setting.

Nico (Guillermo Pfening) is a famous actor in Buenos Aires, but a strained relationship causes him to move to New York City for a fresh start. His plans to reinvent himself as an actor in America don’t go as intended because his film project stalls, and Nico struggles to find any other acting roles, taking up whatever job he can find. He even resorts to stealing and lies to friends and family. His plight mirrors that of many other immigrants who fail to grab a foothold in their new surroundings.

Nico's life starts to unravel when his Argentine past catches up with him. NOBODY’S WATCHING is the latest film from award-winning director Julia Solomonoff and features a memorable performance from Guillermo Pfening, a performance that won him the Best Actor at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival in the International Narrative Feature category.

Tribeca, Best Actor in an International Narrative Feature
Tribeca Film Festival
Julia Solomonoff
Executive Producer
María Teresa Arida, Julia Solomonoff
Felicitas Raffo, Andrés Longares, Natalia Agudelo Campillo, Nicolás Herreño Leal, Lucía Murat, Jaime Mateus Tique, Elisa Lleras
Julia Solomonoff, Christina Lazaridi
Lucio Bonelli
Andrés Tambornino, Karen Sztanberg, Pablo Barbieri
Production Design
Maite Perez-Nievas, Mariela Ripodas
Sacha Amback
Guillermo Pfening, Elena Roger, Rafael Ferro, Cristina Morrison, Kerry Sohn
Lena Esquenazi