The Last Animals

Year 2017
Runtime 92 mins
Language English

Follow the conservationists, scientists and activists battling poachers and criminal networks to save elephants and rhinos from extinction.

War photographer and first-time director Kate Brooks began shooting THE LAST ANIMALS more than three years ago, hoping to document the plight of animals like the Northern White Rhinoceros. When she began filming, there were seven of them left on Earth; today, there are only three. Brooks uses such statistics as a starting point, following conservationists and front-line activists across Africa, Asia, and even the United States as they battle corruption, criminal networks, and poachers who prey on some of Earth's most endangered giant mammals.

At times somber and sobering, and at others hopeful and illuminating in the face of darkening global odds, Brooks' honest look at the far-reaching and nebulous web of illegal animal trafficking shines a light on the subject like never before. Driving home the point that every human action has a natural reaction, it is a necessary film in a time where action is required.


United States
Attending Guests
Director Kate Brooks in attendance at both screenings
Hot Docs, Audience Award – Fourth Place; Northwest Fest, Best International Feature; Sheffield International Documentary Festival, Environment Film Award Nominee; Tribeca, Disruptor Award
Tribeca, Hot Docs, Sheffield International Documentary Festival, Seattle International FIlm Festival, Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, FICMEC
Kate Brooks
Stephanie Soechtig, Kate Brooks
Mark Monroe, Kate Brooks
Brian Anton, Brian Lazarte
Paloma Estevez, Emmanuel Jal