Family First

Year 2016-2017
Runtime 113 mins
Language English and others

From conception to dysfunction, family life has its joys and struggles. In this package, aspirations for a family collide with the nuclear family blown apart, and family members search for meaning in the fallout.



A Gentle Night

A mother's guilt spurs her to keep searching the night for her missing daughter.

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A Palestinian couple reunites during a visit to the Israeli jail where the husband is held.

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In the blurry, exhausting first days of motherhood, a woman's maternal instincts sense a sinister threat to her newborn in her own home.

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Lunch Time

In the wake of her mother's death, a 16-year-old girl from a crime-ridden family with no legal guardian must identify the body.

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The Cameraman

Filmmaker Connor Gaston adapts his father's novel in a story of two brothers coming to terms with their abusive father who suffers from...

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The License

(Die Lizenz)

Adam and Ella's application for a license to procreate is in the final stages of review.

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Through The Supermarket In Five Easy Pieces

Parenthood is an elaborate dance, as a family tries to manage the weekly grocery shopping without disintegrating.

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Upset Body

(Corps Contrarié)

A young, independent woman believes she is in control of her life.

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