Claire's Camera

Year 2017
Runtime 69 mins
Language Korean / French / English
Subtitles English
North American Premiere

Shot on location at the Cannes Film Festival, CLAIRE’S CAMERA lovingly depicts relationships and affairs with humour and alcohol.

CLAIRE’S CAMERA continues the blistering filmmaking pace of master director Hong Sangsoo as this is his third film of 2017. CLAIRE’S CAMERA reunites the director with Isabelle Huppert (ELLE) and Kim Minhee (THE HANDMAIDEN), a casting decision that allows him to create a playful framework for the film. Hong Sangsoo shot the film during the 2016 Cannes Film Festival when both actresses were present with their respective films, yet in CLAIRE’S CAMERA, the two actresses play visitors to the Cannes Film festival.

Manhee (Kim Minhee) plays a film sales agent who is caught off guard when she is fired mid-way through the Cannes Film Festival. Her life takes a turn when she runs into Claire (Huppert), a teacher who loves taking photographs of everyone she meets with her Polaroid camera. It is these photos of Claire that kick-start a chain of events where all the pieces of the puzzle fall together.

Like his previous films, Hong Sangsoo depicts relationships and affairs honestly with plenty of humour and chance encounters. No Hong Sangsoo film would be complete without the presence of alcohol and CLAIRE’S CAMERA lovingly obliges with a drunken incident that forms the story’s beating heart.


France South Korea
Cannes 2017, New Zealand International Film Festival, New Horizons Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, VIFF
Hong Sangsoo
Hong Sangsoo
Lee Jinkeun
Hahm Sungwon
Isabelle Huppert, Kim Minhee, Jung Jinyoung, Chang Mihee