Brimstone & Glory

Year 2017
Runtime 67 mins
Language Spanish
Subtitles English

Preceded by the short film: Madre Buena, La

This beautifully-shot tribute to colour, fire and sound focuses on the major fireworks manufacturing city of Tultepec, Mexico.

Tultepec, Mexico is what you might call an explosive city - more than two-thirds of its residents manufacture fireworks. Each year, the inhabitants cautiously begin the exacting work of crafting handmade fireworks - and, naturally, house-sized papier mâché bulls that are set ablaze - for the annual National Pyrotechnic Festival that attracts thousands of spectators, dancers, and revellers. With droves of ambulances and paramedics on standby, the crowd draws dangerously close to the fires and fireworks, believing that such acts will bless them and their communities all year long.

Director Viktor Jakovleski uses GoPros and a flying drone to capture the scene from high above, abstracting and widening the vista of the festival and taking viewers on a magical cinematic journey through the sparks and flames that ignite the night skies.

BRIMSTONE & GLORY will be preceded by the short film:


United States
Cannes, Hot Docs
Viktor Jakovleski
Dan Janvey, Elizabeth Lodge Stepp, Kellen Quinn, Affonso Gonçalves, Behn Zeitlin, Casey Coleman, Antonio 'Tonitzin' Gómez, Viktor Jakovleski, Erdem Karahan
Affonso Gonçalves
Dan Rover, Benh Zeitlin