Year 2017
Runtime 96 mins
Language English

Lonely housewife Jill is transformed by her monotonous lifestyle in this strange tragic comedy from filmmaker Marianna Palka.

Jill (Marianna Palka), a lonely, distraught housewife with four unruly children, paces on her dining room table with a belt around her neck, contemplating a desperate end to her wretchedness. Her husband, Bill (Jason Ritter), focused on his identity as breadwinner and an affair with a lusty co-worker, is as oblivious to Jill’s growing terror that she will do something destructive as he is to the panic at his unraveling company. Meanwhile, dogs bark and howl through the night, as one persistent mutt continually stalks the family’s yard. When Jill’s psyche finally breaks, she takes on a vicious new canine person.

Returning to Sundance following 2008’s GOOD DICK, Marianna Palka writes, directs, and stars in this dark and provocative film, balancing a perspective on the horrors of a crumbling nuclear family with sensitivity, empathy, and the welcome relief of comedy. Jason Ritter delivers as Bill, who’s transformed by bizarre crisis from an indifferent hound of a man entirely untethered from his family to their unexpected emotional anchor.


United States
Sundance, Fantasia, Chicago Critics Film Festival
Marianna Palka
Executive Producer
Lisa Whalen, Fernando Szew, Elisa Lleras, Michael M. McGuire
Daniel Noah, Josh C. Waller, Elijah Wood, Mike Moran
Marianna Palka
Brett W. Bachman
Production Design
Ryan Brett Puckett
Morgan Z. Whirledge
Jason Ritter, Marianna Palka, Jamie King