Canadian Gala: Two Lovers and a Bear

Year 2016
Runtime 96 mins

The Calgary International Film Festival’s 2016 Canadian Gala selection is TWO LOVERS AND A BEAR, one of Canada's most inspiring, diverse and promising films to hit the festival circuit this year. This romance set in the remote Arctic stars Tatiana Maslany (ORPHAN BLACK) and Dane DeHaan (THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES). Tickets are $35 and include an after-party at Workshop Kitchen + Culture.

Director Kim Nguyen in attendance!

Near the North Pole, in a modern Nunavut town of 200 souls, –50 weather is the norm and the roads lead to nowhere. With the remote Great White as the eerie and visually stunning backdrop, Lucy and Roman, two young tormented souls, fall in love. While Roman struggles with his own failures, ghosts from Lucy's past are coming back, and she feels the need to run away. Together, the two lovers head out into the snow, and must face obstacles from nature, spirit animals and their inner demons.

Written and directed by Academy Award®-nominated Kim Nguyen (REBELLE/WAR WITCH), who will be in attendance, the hauntingly beautiful TWO LOVERS AND A BEAR stars the spectacular landscape of Canada’s north as a character in itself, and shares this amazing story about young lovers living in the contemporary Arctic.


Cannes Film Festival, TIFF
Kim Nguyen
Executive Producer
Jeff Sackman, Patrick Roy, Mark Slone
Roger Frappier
Kim Nguyen
Richard Come
Jesse Zubot
Dane Dehaan, Tatiana Maslany, John Ralston