Lavender web


Year 2016
Runtime 94 mins
Language English

Director Ed Gass-Donnelly in attendance at the screening on September 30!

A photographer of old and abandoned farmhouses, Jane’s (Abbie Cornish) hobby borders on obsession. While out on a routine assignment one afternoon, she shoots a peculiar house, spurring a chain of events that begin to unravel her mysterious past.

A near-fatal car accident leaves her with severe memory loss, and Jane is forced to come to terms with memories that have long been hidden in the dark corners of her mind. With the help of her husband (Diego Klattenhoff), estranged uncle (Dermot Mulroney) and psychiatrist (Justin Long), Jane begins to weave together her scattered memories to solve a mystery that’s 20 years in the past.

Along with her daughter and husband Jane returns to her childhood home, and as strange boxes begin appearing on her doorstep with clues to a past she doesn’t remember, Jane tries to piece together what happened to her forgotten family.

A psychological thriller from Ed Gass-Donnelly (SMALL TOWN MURDER SONGS) that bends the line between memory and madness, and floats between past and present, LAVENDER is a haunting story about one woman’s struggle to understand her past and confront the ghosts that continue to haunt her.


Ed Gass-Donnelly
Dave Valleau, Ed Gass-Donnelly
Brendan Steacy
Dev Singh
Production Design
Oleg M. Savytsky
Sarah Neufeld, Colin Stetson
Abbie Cornish, Justin Long, Dermot Mulroney