Jacqueline (Argentine)

Year 2016
Runtime 87 mins

JACQUELINE (ARGENTINE) follows a filmmaker who travels to Argentina to document a young French woman, Jacqueline Dumont, after she supposedly leaks highly confidential government secrets. Jacqueline implores him to document her self-imposed exile as she expects to be assassinated. Soon enough, the filmmaker begins to think Jacqueline might be more interested in singing Britney Spears songs and hanging out with her new friend than helping to unearth a huge government conspiracy. Nevertheless, they soldier on, desperately hoping they will somehow end up with some semblance of a worthwhile film and hopefully find a kernel of truth in Jacqueline’s paranoid ramblings.

With his feature film debut, director Bernardo Britto's 2016 has delivered one of the most bizarre, hilarious, and subversive 'mockumentary' films in years. Taking its cue from the real-life Edward Snowden saga, but replacing Snowden with the (seemingly) vapid and self-obsessed Jacqueline, stars Wyatt Cenac (BOJACK HORSEMAN) and Camille Rutherford (BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR) are given a treasure trove of material from which to spin their tangled tale.

Bernardo Britto