CIFF World ALOYS web 2


Year 2016
Runtime 91 mins
Subtitles English

Filling his loneliness by taking photos and shooting video of unsuspecting strangers, Aloys Adorn feels he has hit rock-bottom after the death of his father. Waking up one morning, hungover and questioning his existence, the detective-by-trade realizes his most prized possession, his camera, along with its contents, have been stolen. Receiving a call from an anonymous and intriguing female voice claiming to be the camera thief, Aloys agrees to follow her down a mysterious path of redemption and self-discovery.

ALOYS writer and director Tobias Nölle (RENÉ, WONDERLAND) captures the human condition perfectly in this FIPRESCI Panorama Prize winner (Berlin, 2016). Finding atonement through mystery and the beauty of everyday life, ALOYS tells the story of a lost man in the midst of finding himself again.


France Switzerland
Won Audience Award, Las Palmas Film Festival 2016; Won FIPRESCI Prize Panorama, Berlin International Film Festival 2016; Won Golden Lynx, Best Feature Film FEST New Directors/New Films Festival 2016; Won Main Prize Best Feature Film Saas Fee Filmfest 2016
Berlin International Film Festival 2016; Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2016; Fantasia International Film Festival 2016; Locarno Film Festival 2016; FantasticFest 2016
Tobias Nölle
Christof Neracher
Simon Guy Fässler
Tobias Nölle
Production Design
Su Erdt
Tom Huber, Beat Jegen
Georg Friedrich, Tilde Von Overbeck
Peter Bräker, Benjamin Laurent, Maurizius Staerkle Drux, Jean-Pierre Gerth