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Youth by Youth Cinema

Year 2015
Runtime 200 mins

Youth by Youth Cinema

With brilliant local, national and international film submissions, Youth by Youth Cinema is showcasing short films created by youth ages 6-18. Following the screening, awards donated by TELUS Spark, Quickdraw Animation and the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers will be presented. The winners will also have the opportunity to screen their films at Calgary’s Reel Fun Film Festival in February/March 2016.


THE FLOOD OF 2013 – Calgary – 3 min – Ms. Montanaro and the Grade 1 Class of Elbow Park Elementary School
An exploration of Calgary’s epic flood through the eyes of Elbow Park School’s Grade 1 class.

IF WATER COULD SPEAK, WHAT STORIES WOULD IT TELL? – Calgary – 4 min – Ms. Yuristy and the Grade 2 Class of Elbow Park Elementary School
Three kids go on a fantastic journey to find out why the fish are disappearing.


THE DRAGON VORTEX – Calgary – 4 min – Alina Gaudio
While out riding her unicorn, a princess encounters a dragon and falls through a vortex.

LILLY GETS A PET – Calgary – 5 min – The Bum Family
Lilly, a 10-foot-tall orange monster, ventures into Wanda's Pet Shop in search of a friend.

MAYOR VS THE WETLANDS – Calgary – 4 min – Mrs. Austman and the Grade 5 Class of Elbow Park Elementary School
The mayor plans to put a golf course right on top of a wetland teeming with life.


THE ROBBERY – Calgary – 2 min – Josh Barnes and Springbank Community High School
A bystander foils a robber.

TRANSFORMATION – Calgary – 1 min – Isabella Pilz and Springbank Community High School
A blob goes through transformation to find its proper form.

SWORDS – Calgary – 1 min – Mark Tuttle and Springbank Community High School
A young knight struggles in battle.

DISABLED – China – 1 min – Shun Yat Chan, Kam Tat Chin, Wai Chiu Tsang
A sports event shows that disabled people can do whatever they set their minds to.


TEEN CHICK – BC – 5 min – Maia Costea
Jennifer doesn't want to wait to grow up to be a teenager, she wants to be a teenager now.

OPERATION BULLY – Calgary – 5 min – Joseph Girgis, Eve Hall, Brianna Mayberry, Genevieve Usselman, Fayth Waldal
Three new students endure the wrath of the class bully.


ALBERT – BC, Canada – 8 min – Joshua Costea
A child prodigy learns the beauty of childhood from two neighborhood girls.

LATE – Calgary – 2 min – Cassandra Pryer and St. Mark Junior High School
A student is always late for school. It’s never her fault; crazy things just happen.

WORLD WAR 1 – BATTLE OF VERDUN – Calgary – 4 min – Willow Park School
The Battle of Verdun in World War 1 is re-enacted in this silent film.


NEUTRAL NORAH – Calgary – 4 min – Anna Svikhnushin
A girl evaluates the effects of medication on her day-to-day life.

KURAYAMI NO WA – Ontario – 10 min – Morgana McKenzie
Halloween is hijacked by a Japanese doomsday cult. Warning: Freighting Content

SUBMERGE – USA – 3 min – Evie Brooks
A conflicted character swims out to sea.

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT? – Australia – 6 min – Naysan Baghai
A food court cleaner interprets the sounds and rhythms of the urban environment as music.

SKY HEART – Saskatchewan – 5 min – Kaitlyn Dilsner
A brother must say his final goodbye following the death of his sister.


THE GIRL, WHOSE SHADOW REFLECTS THE MOON – Jordan – 5 min - Walaa Al Alawi
During a six-week workshop, Syrian girls living as refugees created expressionistic video diaries. This video was filmed by Walaa, age 16, from Dara'a, Syria.

A JOURNEY TO CHINA – Calgary – 5 min – Kayla Brehon
This documentary showcases a trip to China to work with Free The Children and Me to We.

REVERSIBLE FIGURES EXPERIMENT – Calgary – 6 min – Jerry Tseng
An exploration of human perception within a micro-gravitational environment.