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Speed Sisters

Year 2015
Runtime 80 mins
Language Arabic
Subtitles English

In an area with extreme travel restrictions, limited freedoms, and constant military strife, Palestine seems an unlikely place to develop an all-female race car team. But these five women have done just that, and what’s more, they’ve done it well.

Dealing with all kinds of obstacles – from improvised race tracks, to lack of funding, to sexism – the women continue to flourish in a male-dominated sport, unwilling to give up. And as director Amber Fares seamlessly weaves the personal stories of each woman into their triumphs and tribulations, we see a humanized side of the Palestinian conflict from the unique perspective of the normal people who are caught in it.

A universal documentary that shatters preconceptions and stereotypes, SPEED SISTERS is the perfect film to highlight the power of determination in the most hostile surroundings. DISCOVERY AWARD NOMINEE.

Amber Fares
Jessica Devaney, Amber Fares, Avi Goldstein
Amber Fares, Lucy Martens
Rabab Haj Yahya