Year 2015
Runtime 95 mins

Director Atom Egoyan in attendance at the Tuesdsay screening!

Watch the Q&A with Director Atom Egoyan. 

In Atom Egoyan’s latest thriller, Christopher Plummer plays Zev, a 90-year-old holocaust survivor seeking revenge against the Nazi Führer who murdered his family at Auschwitz.

With an ailing memory and a mission to kill, Zev takes off from his nursing home searching for the former guard who escaped Germany over 70 years ago, and is now living under an assumed identity in America.

Despite the obvious challenges, Zev plots to personally deliver long-delayed justice.

Working alongside his friend and nursing room comrade Max, played by Martin Landau (ED WOOD), Max provides instructions and fills in the the blanks via phone calls and letters when Zev’s memory fails him.

Complementing Academy Award® Winner Christopher Plummer’s gripping performance is a strong supporting cast including Dean Norris (BREAKING BAD) and Henry Czerny (THE A TEAM).

Full of twists and turns, REMEMBER is one of Canadian master director Atom Egoyan’s best films to hit the festival circuit in recent years.


Canada Germany
Toronto International Film Festival 2015
Atom Egoyan
Robert Lantos, Ari Lantos
Benjamin August
Christopher Plummer, Dean Norris, Martin Landau