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Michael Shannon Michael Shannon John

Year 2015
Runtime 86 mins
Language English
Subtitles English

In his 20s, John Hanmer was a well-respected police officer and family man in Hamilton, Ontario.

Two decades and three countries later, his life would end in a barrage of gunfire in Angeles City, Philippines.

Surviving him were his four children: named Michael, Shannon, Michael and Shannon.

The film synchronously unravels John’s rare path from cop to criminal while his children chase his shadow across multiple countries, towards each other and the location of his untimely demise. Having only recently discovered each other’s' existence, secrets, mistranslations and cultural gaps are the subtext as John’s worlds collide and his children fumble to find a common language.

The film interrogates the ideas of identity, legacy and family as John’s children wade into the emotional detritus left in his turbulent wake.

Filmmaker Chelsea McMullan’s other works have premiered at Sundance, The Toronto International Film Festival and the New York Photography Festival.


McMullan Chelsea
Executive Producer
Nick de Pencier
Nadia Tavazzani