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The Interior

Year 2015
Runtime 77 mins
Language English

Upon learning that he is ill, James (played by Patrick McFadden) is sick of his big city lifestyle with his big city problems so he decides to give up everything; his job, his girlfriend and his life in Toronto to retreat into the beautiful woods of British Columbia. As he becomes more and more cut off from civilization as a loner in the woods, he realizes his change of scenery has brought more chaos than calm as he suspects he is being followed by something or someone. As he becomes the helpless prey to an unknown predator, James’ dreamlike sequence of terror leaks out of the screen for viewers who share his fear. THE INTERIOR is an ambitious first feature film from the talented Trevor Juras who brings the viewer deep into the woods where city life noise is replaced by psychologically deafening silence. DISCOVERY AWARD NOMINEE.


Trevor Juras
Trevor Juras, Peter Kuplowsky
Trevor Juras
Othello Ubalde
Jake Beczala, Andrew Hayes, Patrick McFadden, Delphine Roussel, Shaina Silver-Baird