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Dark Horse

Year 2015
Runtime 84 mins

From Writer/Director Louise Osmond (DEEP WATER), DARK HORSE is an emotional look into the life of the working class Welsh and their decision to breed a track-ready racehorse to compete against the progeny of hundreds of years of English aristocratic horse breeding.

The fox hunt, polo, and horse racing are considered the traditional sports of the English aristocracy. The janitor from ASDA Stores and his supporting crew create a real life fairytale about a racehorse bred by a group of people who can barely afford their own living expenses.

DARK HORSE follows the trials and tribulations of this aptly named horse, Dream Alliance, as it attempts to build a career in a world where the owners of its competition believes it does not belong.

The ups and downs of this seemingly insane idea is a riveting story based in a culture where crossing class boundaries is still considered one of the last taboos. DARK HORSE won the 2015 Sundance Audience Award and was also nominated for the Sundance Grand Jury Prize for World Cinema Documentary.


United States
Won Audience Award World Cinema - Documentary; Sundance Film Festival 2015
Osmond Louise
Anna Higgs, Adam Partridge
Louise Osmond
Benjamin Kracun
Joby Gee