LFO web


Year 2013
Runtime 94 mins
Language Swedish
Subtitles Yes
Canadian Premiere

Experimenting with a special frequency, a man hypnotizes his neighbours.

In a darkly funny mad scientist tale, a man tests out a potent new form of hypnosis on his unsuspecting neighbours. Distressed by certain kinds of sounds, Robert seeks a cure for his condition, but instead he discovers a special sound frequency that can be used for extreme hypnotic suggestion in listeners. This abuse of power threatens the minds and identities of those around him, as well as his own sense of reality and control.

LFO is a tight, close-quarters, low-budget drama that is at once disturbing and witty.


Denmark Sweden
Winner – 7th Orbit Award – , Best Feature – Sci-Fi-London 2014, 2013 Minneapolis Underground Film Festival - Best Feature Film, 2014 Festival Mauvais Genre - Prix du public long-métrage
Fantastic Fest 2013,Boston Science Fiction Film Festival 2014, Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2014, Minneapolis Underground Film Festival 2013, Festival Mauvais Genre 2014
Antonio Tublén
Executive Producer
Daniel Noah, Josh C. Waller, Elijah Wood
Alexander Brøndsted, Fredric Ollerstam, Antonio Tublén
Antonio Tublén
Alexander Brøndsted, Linus Eklund
Antonio Tublén
Patrik Karlson, Izabella Jo Tschig, Per Löfberg