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The Honour Keeper


Year 2014
Runtime 62 mins
Language Hindi
Subtitles Yes
North American Premiere

A poetic, romantic folktale set in the Rajasthani desert.

A group of women embark on their long daily walk to collect water for their Rajathani village. A young married woman, Lajwanti, insists on wearing her veil to maintain her honour, until she crosses paths with an eccentric stranger. Dressed entirely in white robes, the silent man resigns to collecting doves in solitude and ignores her advances, which only piques her curiosity more. This obsession brings her to a painful crossroads between the values of her society and her own personal freedom.

Based on the Indian folktale Lajwanti by Vijaydan Detha, The Honour Keeper is a delicate and visually powerful love story shot in the heart of the Thar Desert. While the music and way of life may seem unfamiliar to us, the emotional resonance remains powerfully anchored to the end. Employing both actors and indigenous locals, director Pushpendra Singh’s first feature shows a meditative patience and a keen eye for visual poetry.

Preceded by short film A Summer Flu


Pushpendra Singh
Pushpendra Singh
Pushpendra Singh
Ravi Kiran Ayyagari
Shweta Rai
Sanghmitra Hitaishi, Pushpendra Singh, Gaurav Lavaniya