hide and seek web

Hide and Seek

Year 2014
Runtime 81 mins
Language English
Subtitles No
North American Premiere

When four young people flee London in an attempt to form a utopia based on sex, they must unpack our generation’s morals and find new ones in the world they’ve created.

In protest of an increasingly unstable world, friends Max, Charlotte, Leah and Jack retreat to the countryside to form a polyamorous commune and a new way of life. Driven by rampant eroticism and a complete rejection of society’s values, the quartet of friends set up new rules for love, sex and spirituality, while protecting themselves from the politics and emotional fragility of the outside world. By totally isolating themselves, these friends and lovers are faced with the unblinking reality of who they are.

Micheal Powell Award, Edinburgh Film Festival.

Please be advised that some elements of this material may not be suitable for all viewers.


United Kingdom
Mitchael Powell Award, Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014
Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014
Joanna Coates
Executive Producer
David Grant
Daniel Metz
Joanna Coates, Daniel Metz
Ben Hecking
Maya Maffioli
Josh O'Connor, Hannah Arterton, Rea Mole