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Around the World in Animation

Year 2014
Runtime 82 mins

Animation can take us from Poland to New Zealand, from the fantastical to the mundane, in just the flip of a few frames. From award-winning to newly emerging, these spectacular, meticulously crafted and diverse animations from across the world are guaranteed to take you to the furthest reaches of imagination.

THE MASTER'S VOICE - USA/FR/BZ – 12 min - Guilherme Marcondes

When the clocks stop, the spirits of the city come out to play.

HUNGER (GLAD) – HR – 7 min - Petra Zlonoga

Everything that is alive is hungry; and the seed of longing grows into what feeds us.

CARGO CULT – FR – 12 min - Bastien Dubois

During the Pacific war on the coast of Papua New Guinea, the Papuans want to claim the cargo god's gifts by developing a new rite.

NO FISH WHERE TO GO – CAN – 13 min - Nicola Lemay, Janice NadeauI

A friendship unites two little girls (and a fish) from opposing clans in a village where ethnic tensions are mounting.

BATHS (LAZNIA) – POL – 4 min - Tomek Ducki

Two elderly swimmers meet at the baths for their daily ritual, but this time they are diving deeper than usual.


A composer is afflicted by a strange illness: he can hear every noise in the world.

THE TIDE KEEPER – NZ – 9 min - Alyx Duncan

One night, an old seaman dreams a storm into his bed.

CODA – IRE – 9 min - Alan Holly

Death grants a man his last request, taking him on one final journey.

YEARBOOK – USA – 5 min - Bernardo Britto

A man is hired to compile the definitive history of human existence before the planet explodes.