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World Cinema

Simple Superstar

Year 2013
Runtime 102 mins
Subtitles English and Tamil with English Subtitles
World Premiere

This semi-biographical film showcases the bizarre sensibilities that earned Wilbur Sarunaraj YouTube stardom in India. Sarunaraj dances the line between character and commoner, eschewing the mainstream and toying with the expectations of everyone he meets. Known for being a champion of the common person in his home country, we follow Sarunaraj as he pursues a musical career. All the while, we gain a sense of India’s difficult class and race structures as he navigates his way to his dreams.

Simple Superstar was funded by fans, and the cast and crew is entirely made up of Sarunaraj’s social media followers—making the common extraordinary.


Canada India
Wilbur Sargunaraj
Wilbur Sargunaraj Robert D Stephens
Wilbur Sargunaraj and Jared "DJ Deli" Funk
Ben Stamper
Ben Stamper and Wilbur Sargunaraj
Wilbur Sargunaraj, Naveen Richard, Jennifer Neecia, Chain Jeyapal, Zaid Khan, Sathish Shanmugam, Suha Deeb