4. Croolik et Kouatak WEB

The Legend of Sarila

(La LĂ©gende de Sarila)

Year 2013
Runtime 81 mins
Alberta Premiere

In 1910, an Inuit community finds itself on the brink of famine, and it's up to three spirited youths to try to save it. Brave and charismatic Markussi  (voiced by Dustin Milligan) defies his clan shaman and sets across the harsh Arctic tundra with two friends (and a lemming sidekick) in search of Sarila, which legend describes as a land plentiful in fruit, fish, and game. But hardships along the way put them to the test, from dog sled chases and predatory animals, to dark spirits and magical conjurings. 

What follows is Canada's first 3D computer-animated feature. A family flick coupled with a glimpse into the First Nations’ folklore, customs, and dress, The Legend of Sarila features the vocal talents of Christopher Plummer and Juno Award-winning Quebec singer Elisapie Isaac, who also composed the original songs.


TIFF Kids 2013
Nancy Florence Savard
Executive Producer
Marie-Claude Beauchamp, Normand Thauvette
Marie-Claude Beauchamp, Nancy Florence Savard, Normand Thauvette, Paul Risacher
Pierre Tremblay, Roger Harvey
Arthur Tarnowski, Robert Yates
Production Design
Philippe Arsenault Bussieres
Olivier Auriol
Christopher Plummer, Rachelle Lefevre, Dustin Milligan, Tim Rozon, Genevieve Bujold, Natar Ungalaq, James Kidnie, Elisapie Isaac, Sonja Ball, Tyrone Benskin