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Fresh Meat

Year 2012
Runtime 91 mins
Language English

The Crane family has surprise guests... for dinner.

When a prison break doesn’t go as planned for the Tan Gang in New Zealand, they need to hide out—and they need hostages. Crashing into the garage of a suburban mansion near Wellington, the gang believes they’ve found the perfect refuge. Hemi and Margaret Crane (Temuera Morrison, Nicola Kawana) and their teenage children are a typical, middle-class Maori family. But their daughter Hanna (Hanna Tevita) has just come back from boarding school for the summer holidays, only to discover that her parents have embraced a drastic lifestyle change: cannibalism. To top it off, Hemi has become a martial arts fanatic. The Tan Gang have met their match, and things get even more complicated when Hanna develops feelings for one of her hostage-takers. A dark, tongue-in-cheek crime comedy, Fresh Meat puts a little something bloody, rare, and spicy on the viewing menu.


New Zealand
Tribeca Film Festival 2013, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2013
Danny Mulheron
Executive Producer
Derek Diorio
Dave Gibson
Briar Grace-Smith
Simon Baumfield
Paul Sutorius
Production Design
Kevin Leonard-Jones
Plan 9, Janet Roddick, David Donaldson, Steve Roche
Temuera Morrison, Kate Elliot, Nicola Kawana