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Year 2013
Runtime 113 mins
Subtitles Dutch with English Subtitles
Alberta Premiere

Camiel Borgman (Jan Bijvoet) lives with his friends in an underground complex in the woods—until a gang of shady men, led by a priest, hunt them down. Escaping only to find himself homeless and alone, Borgman arrives on the doorstep of Marina and Richard's luxury home asking to use their bath. Richard (Jeroen Perceval) responds by beating Borgman. Ashamed of her husband's behaviour, and intrigued by the visitor, Marina (Hadewych Minis) offers to hide him in their summer house.

Borgman entangles himself in their lives, manipulating Marina, charming their three children, and even seeking to replace the gardener to stay on a permanent basis. He finds the family’s weaknesses, exposes their arrogance and hypocrisy, and shakes the foundations of their identities.

In Dutch writer and director Alex van Warmerdam’s (The Last Days of Emma Blank) twisted Borgman, we’re left wondering if Camiel Borgman and his friends are tricksters, avenging angels, or somehow demonic.

Cannes 2013, Toronto International Film Festival 2013
Alex van Warmerdam
Marc van Warmerdam
Alex van Warmerdam
Tom Erisman NSC
Job ter Burg, NSC
Production Design
Geert Paredis
Vincent van Warmerdam
Jan Bijvoet, Hadewych Minis, Jeroen Perceval, Annet Malherbe