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9 Full Moons

Year 2013
Runtime 103 mins
Language English
Canadian Premiere

9 Full Moons follows Frankie, a bohemian firebrand who perpetually finds momentary passion in the arms of new men. A new love is ignited by an unlikely conduit in Lev, an introverted musician who shuns the fast pace Frankie indulges in.

A hot new talent, with roles in festival-circuit darling Upstream Color and the new HBO series Family Tree, Amy Seimetz stars as Frankie alongside Bret Roberts as Lev. As the lovers galvanize their romance, and work out ways to fit their personalities together, they surround themselves in alternative music from Southern California’s hipster scene—including original compositions by Foster Timms.

A classic story of when opposites attract, 9 Full Moons showcases two people straining for and against their personal selves, struggling to maintain their passion for each other.


United States
Seattle International Film Festival 2013
Tomer Almagor
Gabrielle Almagor, Bret Roberts, Joy Saez
Tomer Almagor
Robert Murphy
Tomer Almagor, Robert Murphy
Ted Speaker
Amy Seimetz, Bret Roberts, Donal Logue, Harry Dean Stanton