An Animated Extravaganza

Year 2011
Runtime 84 mins

Guard Dog
DIRECTOR: Bill Plympton, USA, 2004, 5 MIN
In Bill Plympton's classic comedy short, no threat is too small for this overzealous guard dog.

DIRECTOR: Mike Roberts, Canada, 2011, 6 MIN
Ultra-stylish imagery mixes with a kick-ass soundtrack by The Sadies in Mike Roberts' impressive directorial debut.

Sunday (Dimanche)
DIRECTOR: Patrick Doyon, Canada, 2011, 10 MIN
After mass, the family gathers at their grandparents house, but a small-town Sunday is anything but ordinary when seen through the eyes of a child.

Inner City
DIRECTOR: Alain Fournier, Canada, 2011, 8 MIN
A boy tries to seduce his distant neighbour with the help of some bizarre contraptions in this blend of puppetry and computer animation.

DIRECTOR: Kirsten Lepore, USA, 2010, 5 MIN
Romance blooms in the most unconventional places when a pile of sand and a pile of snow strike up a trans-oceanic conversation.

Danny and Annie
DIRECTOR: The Rauch Brothers, USA, 2010, 6 MIN
An elderly Brooklyn couple reflect on their lifetime together in this touching animation from StoryCorps.

The Old Man and the Old Woman (Dziad i Baba)
DIRECTOR: Basia Goszczynska, USA, 2011, 9 MIN
A traditional Polish fable of true love and powerful fear is given a stop-motion makeover in Basia Gosczynska's imaginative retelling.

DIRECTOR: Omid Khoshnazar, Iran, 2011, 9 MIN
A soldier on guard at the top of a watchtower indulges his animation with the help of a broken-down radio, but war might not be the best time for make-believe.

DIRECTOR: Malcolm Sutherland, Canada, 2010, 6 MIN
An unnamed astronaut; an unusual encounter; recursive realities – UMBRA explores the outer edges of imagination.

A Lost and Found Box of Human Sensation
DIRECTOR: Martin Wallner, Stefan Leuchtenberg, Germany, 2010, 15 MIN
Ian McKellen and Joseph Fiennes narrate this richly imaginative and affecting computer animation about coming to terms with loss.

Guard Dog Global Jam
DIRECTOR: Bill Plympton, USA, 2011, 5 MIN
In 2010, Bill Plympton asked animators around the world to remake GUARD DOG in their own unique styles. The result is a tribute to animation's endless possibilities.