Late Shows


Year 2011
Runtime 93 mins
Language English
World Premiere

Director/ Writer Jay Lee, and producer Linda Miller in Attendance!

CIFF is proud to present the world premiere of Jay Lee’s ALYCE – an hallucinatory ode to cheap drugs, bad sex, inappropriate funeral behaviour and unbelievably gory setpieces.

Jay Lee’s outrageous follow-up to the international cult-sensation ZOMBIE STRIPPERS is a surreal, taboo-busting trip down the rabbit hole of blacker-than-pitch black comedy. Alyce, an introverted young woman, tries to console her friend, Carroll, after Carroll discovers her boyfriend has been cheating. The girls get drunk and take ecstasy before heading up to the roof of Alyce's apartment building. Intoxicated and giddy, the girls start playing around but a drunken stumble knocks Carroll off the ledge of the six-story building.

Haunted by guilt, Alyce finds herself in a nightmarish wonderland of sex and drugs and murder! But she soon discovers that her problems are nothing that can’t be solved with a blender, a microwave, a hack saw, a baseball bat and a garbage disposal.

The great cult cast features James Duval (DONNIE DARKO, KABOOM), Rena Owen (ONCE WERE WARRIORS), Tracey Walter (REPO MAN), Tamara Feldman (HATCHET, GOSSIP GIRL) and introduces Jade Dornfeld as the titular ALYCE.


United States
World Premiere
Jay Lee
Executive Producer
Duncan Blake
Linda L. Miller, Zak Kilberg
Jay Lee
Jay Lee
Jay Lee
Production Design
Amanda Rosbrook
Tamara Feldman,
Jade Dornfeld,
James Duval,
Rena Owen,
Tracey Walter,
Eddie Rouse