A Night for Dying Tigers

Year 2010
Runtime 90 mins
Language English
Alberta Premiere

Director Terry Miles and Producer Sidney Chu in attendance - Q&A will follow the screening

14A - Advisories: Substance Abuse & Mature Subject Matter.

Screenwriters essentially have an unlimited number of ways to bring their characters together, and yet nearly every film about a family coming together takes place at a wedding or a funeral. Writer-director Terry Miles is far less conventional, and so is the dysfunctional family in his A NIGHT FOR DYING TIGERS.

In TIGERS, a family of gifted artists is forced together on the eve of one of the brothers’ incarceration. Even with only 24 hours before the start of a five-year prison sentence, the family has a difficult time staying polite. As the night progresses, old wounds will be reopened, secrets will be revealed and the family will move towards the brink of disintegration. Some of the moments are cathartic and others are simply vindictive, but each one cuts closer to the truths behind the family’s troubled past.

With a talented cast that includes Jennifer Beals (THE L WORD) and Gil Bellows (ALLY MCBEAL), A NIGHT FOR DYING TIGERS is a dark, poignant portrait of a uniquely messed-up family and the night that will either bring them closer or tear them apart once and for all.



Official Selection Toronto International Film Festival 2010,
Official Selection Vancouver International Film Festival 2010
Terry Miles
Terry Miles, Sidney Chu
Terry Miles
Lindsay George, Terry Miles
Terry Miles
Production Design
Cameron McLellan
Eiko Ishiwata
Jennifer Beals, Gil Bellows, Lauren Lee Smith...