So what makes a film festival different than a regular movie screening? 

First, the films you’ll see at CIFF might not ever make it to wide theatrical release or your favourite on-demand streaming service. You’ll be the first in Calgary to see these films, and in some cases, the only Calgarians to catch indie films and foreign titles on the big screen - EVER! 

But what really makes a film festival special is the chance to connect with filmmakers, in person, at Q&As. We bring filmmakers in from all over the world to share their stories, the behind-the-scene highs and lows, and to answer burning questions at the end of their screenings. 

A Q&A is full of laughs, revelations, sometimes tears and an entirely unique experience depending on who is in the theatre; and who is asking the questions. Explore this year’s visiting guest list and get ready for a spectacular 2021 festival.


eau claire

Sept. 23

shorts: get up, stand up - 6:15PM

Marlena Skrobe - Director of THEY KEEP QUIET SO WE MAKE NOISE

everything in the end - 7:00pm

Mylissa Fitzsimmons - Director

all my puny sorrows - 8pm

Michael McGowan - Director

Sept. 24

Peace by chocolate - 5:15pm

Jonthan Keijser - Director

Chadi Dali - Producer

Abdul Malik - Screenwriter

see for me - 6:45pm

Randall Okita - Director

disfluency - 8:00pm

Anna Baumgarten - Director

Danny Mooney - Producer

buck alamo - 9:30pm

Ben Epstein - Director

the sadness - 9:45pm

Rob Jabbaz - Director

sept. 25

shorts: keep on moving - 4:15:pm

Jason Park - Director of BJ'S MOBILE GIFT SHOP


Stephen Campanelli - Director

Mike Drinkwater & Graham Fraser - Producers

Luke Fraser & Edward McDonald - Writers

Louriza Tronco & Daniel Doheny - Actors

the noise of engines - 7:30pm

Philippe Grégoire  - Director


Stephanie Joline - Director

stanleyville - 9:30pm

Maxwell McCabe-Lokos - Director

Sept 26

portraits from a fire - 3:45pm

Rylan Friday - Director

shorts: alberta spirit docs- 4:00pm

Laura O'Grady - Director of UNDETECTABLE

alone - 4:45pm

Mylène Péthe - Screenwriter

Patricia Silver - Film Subject 

wildhood - 6:15pm

Gharrett Paon - Producer

last of the right whales - 7pm

Nadine Pequeneza - Director

Joanne Jackson - Executive Producer

Sholeh Fabbri - Producer

shorts: alberta spirit narratives - 8:30pm

Emily Renner Wallace - Director of GOD LADY

Matt McKinney - Director of GOING TO THE CHAPEL

Robert Cuffley - Director of SOMETHING IS NEAR

Morgan Ermter - Director of HOW TO MAKE A FRIEND

Colin Waugh - Director of SLED

Gianna Isabella - Director of OPEN MIC AT THE COMEDY CABARET

Ryan C. Northcott - Director of ROAD FROM RUIN

Cobra Colins - Director of HOP ALONG HANG ON 

Dan Guiness & Michelle Owusu - Director of THE SURROGATE

Michelle Owusu - Producer, Screenwriter of THE SURROGATE

Tank Standing Buffalo - Director of RKLSS

Asim Haque - Producer of MEAN HAKEEM

Sept. 27

here & after - 7:15pm

Shaun Crawford - Director, Producer, Writer

Brett Connors - Producer

Brett Ferster - Producer, Director of Photography

Tedra Rogers & Thomas Geddes - Lead Actors

globe cinema

Sept. 29

Don't say its name - 8:15pm

Rueben Martell - Director

René Jean Collins & Carolyn McMaster - Producer

Sept. 30

jonesin' - 6:30pm

Scott Westby - Director

Robert Cuffley - Executive Producer

Matt Watterworth - Producer

Kevin Doree - Screenwriter

oct. 1

hands that bind - 6:30pm

Kyle Armstrong - Director

Black McWilliam - Producer

shorts: midnight ravers - 8:00pm

Alec Ziff & Sarah Jane Inwards - Directors of THE RETROSPECTIVE

oct. 2

one of ours - 4:30pm

Yasmine Mathurin - Director

contemporary calgary

oct. 2

jann, season 3 - 4:00pm

Jann Arden - Co-creator, Star

Leah Cauthier - Co-creator, Executive Producer

Jennica Harper - Co-creator, Executive Producer, Showrunner

Eric Volmers - Moderator, from the Calgary Herald

tribal, season 2 - 7:30pm

Ron E. Scott - Creator, Writer

Janet Hamley-Morhart - Co-Executive Producer

Eric Volmers - Moderator, from the Calgary Herald

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