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This year, we're forgoing classroom field trips and offering students and teachers access to Generation Next films online! What's more, access to the program will be pay-what-you-can and students across the entire province of Alberta can participate.

Apply today and sign up your classroom for Generation Next! Work with us to inspire the next generation of film fans and supplement existing Alberta curriculum topics with teacher approved educational packets.

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Watch films at home or in the classroom until October 31 with students across the entire province of Alberta. 

Step 1: Apply

Teachers can apply from August 20 until October 25, 2020 for a special access link so their students can watch the film through our streaming service, Eventive. Sign up is easy and you'll hear from us within 48 hours of your submission. 

Step 2: Watch
Pay-what-you-can to access this year's films!

Teachers can distribute film access links to their students after which, they can unlock the film with a pay-what-you-can fee. Teachers can also watch the film in their classrooms after purchasing a pay-what-you-can ticket. Once unlocked, users will have 48 hours to watch the film with multiple views.

Check technical requirements for at-home cinema or test your device.

Step 3: Curriculum Materials

Use teacher-approved worksheets to supplement the film. See below


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